Shopping needs to know:
If you want to buy a product, you must start with Sinosure. Click enter My Account page, select Sinosure, click Add New Company, add information, submit to website authorization.
Procurement Request
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How to Procurement Request

1.Click Procurement Request.


2.At Procurement Request page, input Product Name,Company, CAS NO., Contact Person, Quantity, Phone/Mobile, ETA Port, Email, The Shipment Date and Requirements Description. Click Submit.


3.Submit procurement request successfully.


How to Purchase Online

1.Choose the product.


2.At product page, input quantity, choose Add to Cart or Buy It Now.If choose several products, add the products separately. If only one product, click Buy it Now directly.


3.Add products to cart successfully, click Go to Cart to check it. 


Or click My Account, check My Cart to confirm the information.At My Cart Page, choose the products and click Next.


4.Input Company Name, Logistics Mode, Port of Shipment, Port of Destination, ETD time, Payment terms, Trade Terms and other message. Click Submit Order.


5.Submit order successfully.


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